12 Easy Copywriting Tips To Help You Write Great Copy Like A Pro

Businesses play a big role in the development of the economy. Whether big or small, these entrepreneurs are striving to be the best in the industry while others  keep themselves afloat in the game. As the competition gets tighter, businesses providing goods or services are at each other’s throat trying to make it on top. Because the truth is, it gets difficult each time with the rise of technology and art working side by side. Companies have to keep up with the consumer’s demand pace to sustain their business and must continuously innovate to thrive.

A significant technique towards innovation that will provide you a solid business support is effective copywriting – this is going to be the backbone of any business as it will greatly help you engage your target audience with your online and offline platforms. If you want to elevate your presence in the industry, gain higher conversion rate, and convert potential clients to actual customers, continue to read below the methods on how to achieve this.

First thing’s first, let us define what copy writing is.

Copy writing is a tool you can use in content writing wherein you drive your audience towards calling an action may be to purchase, subscribe, or apply. It is like statements that make your readers decide and do something without directly asking them to. Copywriting is an essential part of your marketing campaigns. This is also a smart technique to discover and optimize your potential as a company. Copywriting can be used for generating leads, increasing landing and exposure rate of your platform, or making your conversion rate higher. Know how to rank in google by following our solid guide in copywriting.

Effective Pro Tips To Copywriting

If you want to know how you can accomplish all these, we are thrilled to share with you 12 easy copywriting tips to help you write like a pro!


1.       Know your audience – This is one of the first things you must think about when creating your copywrite. Knowing your audience allows you to find the right approach in making a call to action. How you can engage better to your readers start here too. Meaning, once you have identified your market, it enables you to highlight key points that are suitable to them and increase your chances of getting a positive outcome.  It also helps you  to identify the tone and flow of your content as your text should be built with words that are relatable to your audience. Of course, having the right kind of tone and flow entails a good connection between you and your reader.


2.       Use an active voice – When you use this technique, your reader engages better with your content as it directly explains the text just how a friend would deliver it in person. Make your reader feel as if you are speaking in front of them and not behind a computer. It also has a more impact when read which results to immediate reaction. Tip on how to spot active voice is to make sure that someone is doing something instead of something is being done to someone.


3.       Create a solid but refined title – Your title is the phrase that will capture the attention of your audience. It must be optimal and powerful as you only have a small window of time to give a strong impression or else your reader will move pass it. Make use of odd numbers to stand out among the rest and include words that build the reader’s curiosity such as “Find out how..” “What are the best..” to captivate the audience. This way, the title sounds more inviting to make a call to action.


4.       4Ps of copywriting – Promise, paint a picture, proof, push. This is a proven framework that will elevate your copywriting skills. Here is how you can construct your content by using the 4Ps:

a.       Promise – make a promise to your reader. Make sure that the promise will address the reader’s desires.

b.       Paint – allow them to imagine what could happen once the promise is fulfilled. Give your readers a vivid and descriptive narrative that will paint an idea in their minds.

c.       Proof – make your case stronger by providing positive testimonials, evidences and studies. In this way, the reader will gain good impression and excitement. Allow them to relate to these stories to strengthen your key points.  No one wants an unperforming service/product.

d.       Push – show urgency to call for an action. Let the reader feel and understand the importance of acting now.


5.       Add interest –  People veer away from contents that are too complex or hard to understand. To make your content more appealing, include images or other forms of media that will briefly explain your key points. Keep in mind to only add attractive videos or photos that are clear, has pleasing colors, and in the right size. This should give the reader a break from the lengthy texts and paragraphs. Another option to make your content interesting is by using the right language.  Since you have identified your audience at the beginning, you should converse with them using the appropriate language. Meaning, if you are writing about basketball include terms, jargons, or words that people from the industry use.


6.       Focus on the reader – Review your content and do a check and balance on the word “I”, “we”, and “you”. The word “you” must be mentioned twice as much as “I’ or “we” because you want your reader to feel that “we” as bloggers are addressing their desires. Your audience will engage faster if they feel that our focus is on them. Expound your statements by showing the audience how the content can benefit your reader. Make your readers draw in deeper by making them feel like gaining something from your content.


7.       Be clear – This does not mean that your text must be plain. Make sure that your text is clear and concise while still being able to make your text fun. By allowing your readers to get a good grasp of your key points, message is perceived faster. Also remember to be sincere to your audience. Avoid crappy phrases as you want to build their trust in you. Your reader’s trust is very important as this drives them to come back to you and continuously patronize your products / services.

8.       Use emotion – you know how movies and books become your favorites? It becomes a remarkable piece because it makes you feel something. It brings emotions un to you. Same goes with copywriting. A smart approach is by appealing to their emotions – whether make your audience feel secured, happy, or prestigious.  Incorporate emotions that will allow your target market relate to your campaign as this will be more memorable to them. Most of the time, emotions dictate the decisions we make so a content that resonates to the reader is hundred times more saleable.


9.       Introduction – Introduction makes or breaks the time a reader will spend in your content as this sets the mood of the whole text. It should capture the interest of your reader and draw them in deeper line after line. Make your introduction sharp and impressive as you can thoroughly explain your key points after this. You can apply the same rules that we used to make a strong title.  


10.   Sub divide –  How you format your content gives an impact towards your readers. Remember that you want to retain your readers attention and seeing a continuous, plain and heavy text does not make the cut. Avoid making crowded text. A tip to improve your content is to breakdown your text to make it look organized and pleasant to look at. Use bullet points, numbers, paragraphs to subdivide the body of your content and give equal importance to each part. In this way, highlighting main ideas will be easier and transitions will become smoother.


11.   Show off your personality – This is a great opportunity for you to express who you are. Give your audience a sneak peak of your personality through your writing style – word choice, voice, values. Make your reader know you a little better. It is important that your audience engages with you and you can do so by making your content personal. Showing off your personality also makes you stand out from the rest of the competition. 


12.   Include objections – Face the reality. Before your reader reaches the point of deciding, you will encounter a hundred reasons why your reader will not buy the product/service. There is always an impression of doubt. A good way to appease your audience is to show that you are listening to them by including objections and addressing them. Identify what worries your audience and show them solutions to resolve the issues. Objections are also a good angle to justify the benefits of your product/service.

Do not forget to carefully weave each tip to one another to make a natural, seamless and effective copywrite. Combining all these tips will polish your content and sharpen your skills as a professional copywriter. So, don’t fret as you can optimize your content in a few tips to follow.