How Being An Entrepreneur Makes You a Better Person.

They say that experience is the best teacher. The memories that are the most remarkable are the ones that left a note in your life, sometimes even a scar. A phrase that lingers in you; an experience that resonates in your whole being. Experiences change you in so many levels. It could impact your outlook, personal boundaries, relationships, or character.

Allow me to give you a glimpse of an experience that changed me. Perhaps might change you for the better as well.

Back to the days when I was still attending college, the only way to pave to attain “success” is through a corporate office-based job. The goal after graduating is to land a job in a prestigious company residing in the central business district; take a position with my own desk, chair, and fancy telephone; earn as much as possible and work my way up from there. Just like the rest of the kids in my batch and who graduated before me, for us, this is the ideal interpretation of success. Thus, that is basically how I programmed my future in my head.

That kind of disposition was not a secret. It was something that almost everyone dreamed of and sometimes to some, the only thing they know of. We were easily amazed by guys wearing fancy office wear, shiny heels, and uncrippled clothing. They looked so unstoppable, high earners, decision makers. Adults who are ready to take on the what’s ahead and who defined the world  as their oyster.

Fast forward, life happened and everything was falling into the right place. I got a job in a multinational corporation located at the central business district; I had my own office cubicle with a telephone at my side; earning the amount I asked. It was kind of a frenzy for a period of time knowing that I get to finally be the ones I looked up to before. Let me reiterate, for a period of time.

Years went by and I realized that I was a delusional kid back then. Thinking about it now, it is embarrassing how shallow I define success. I was a 19 year old who interprets money and appearance as success. I was stuck in a bubble that limited me to do so much more and I did not even realize it. Do not get me wrong, corporate employees play a significant role in the society. But don’t you think there are millions of potential opportunities outside these offices waiting to be unleashed by you? That there are so much burning desires within you that cannot take place in your office cubicle?

I learned that the hard way. I was left with the question: where do I find personal growth, satisfaction, happiness, passion in this concrete jungle. I had to reevaluate my options towards success and identify how I can attain it.

This left me with this answer – derail from the path that I believed in for years and explore my entrepreneurial skills.

My journey as an entrepreneur is a different story to tell. Perhaps, let me tell you how being an entrepreneur made me a better person or you can also undergo these 6 types of training designed for small businesses. Read further to find out.

1.    Entrepreneurship makes you accountable – Managing a business involves a lot of decision making. It is a full time job that even if your brain is half asleep, you have to decide about something. It makes you responsible for all the things that is going on within your premise – business operations, expansion, opportunities for employment growth, and the likes. Being accountable means, you are taking responsibility for both fortunate events and mishaps including the people who you assigned to take charge. It trains you to be committed in your work and always perform at your best knowing that there are numerous matters in your hands. 

2.   Entrepreneurship makes you passionate – Imagine doing a job that that does not inspire you. A routine that does not spark joy will become tiring at some point. Doing a project that you are passionate about makes you better at doing it because you would always want your craft to be the best. Being passionate means doing above and beyond as if there is no limit to restrict you. Managing a business encourages you to turn your bright ideas into something tangible and measurable while continuously innovating your craft without the feeling of being obliged and fearful of rejection or failure.  

3.   Entrepreneurship makes you systematic – You can apply the saying “work smarter not harder” to this key point. Business management requires a lot of planning and execution. This trains you to be organized in your work and personal life as you have to keep the balance between the two. You do not always have the luxury of time to study or process things as you have to be at par with the competition or else opportunities will pass by you. You have to be always on your feet, prepared on what is ahead of you. Entrepreneurship teaches you to be aligned with a process that accomplishes work in an efficient manner. 

4.   Entrepreneurship makes you gain network – No man is an island is a quote that is very relatable to entrepreneurship. Even if you are a proprietor or someone who works best alone, you will encounter a time wherein you will be in need of help from other people. Building a business has a lot of brainstorming, leg work, errands to do and you will need to get help as much as you can. Gaining a wider network allows you to expand your business, meet new people, dive into new ideas. Most importantly entrepreneurship gives you new friends who will support you in your endeavors and celebrate with you for your wins. 

5.   Entrepreneurship makes you compassionate – In line with what we have discussed in the previous key point, you will meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. It allows you to work and grow with other people hence learning to relate to them. Entrepreneurship exposes you to people who has various stories to tell. It will open up your eyes to their stories of failures, success, heartaches and that will make your heart humble. The opportunity of meeting new people are simple ways to manifest respect regardless of their life status and work position. It will train you to learn how to sympathize others and be concerned to them. 

6.   Entrepreneurship makes you a go getter – Being an entrepreneur gives you the drive to achieve your goals for both business and personal life. Eventually, it is not only something the puts food on your table but it becomes your fuel to keep moving forward despite the hardships. You become someone who is competitive and strong enough to take on new challenges once you put your mind in the game. All the obstacles and trials will seem nothing even if the odds are not in your favor. Your burning desire to get a hold of your goals make you unstoppable. 

7.   Entrepreneurship makes you empowered – There will come a time when you finally achieve your dreams and goals and it is important to celebrate these wins whether big or small. These moments make you appreciate your hard work and team effort in to making something possible. Glorious times are the fruits of your labor which makes you feel empowered. Somehow, you will gain confidence towards your work after each triumph and failure and it is important to acknowledge that. Do not forget that a little pat on the back is also a breather for you and the whole team.


8.    Entrepreneurship makes you grow with integrity – Managing a business will test your morals and life principles. It gives you the opportunity to show who you truly are as a person and a boss. Whatever your character is, it will surely reflect on your business, staff, and partners. You do not want to put your business in a bad light so it is significant to always project fairness and integrity in all situations that you encounter. This does not only build the image of your business but also strengthens the trust of the people in you as a leader. 

9.   Entrepreneurship makes you manage your expenses well – Running a business means handling monetary expenses and having the capability to save your earnings. To keep your business afloat, you must be able to manage your finances accordingly and must be always kept balanced. You will encounter financial matters everyday which will train you to manage your expenses well. Eventually, it will become a habit that you will be able to apply this set of skills in your everyday life routine. Remember, this is a good habit to keep because you and your company will benefit from this even in the future.  

These are some of the lessons and skills that you will learn from being an entrepreneur. Your company and employees are not the only ones benefitting from your business. On the other hand, it also enhances your personal skills, builds your character, and makes you a better person.